Twice the Mentor

Jess.Holland  by Jess Holland, Church Online Communications Coordinator

Elizabeth strolls beside me, two people among streams of tourists in downtown Philly. Her laugh carries over the cabs and chatter on the street.

We’re headed to the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Elizabeth works. She expertly guides me from room to room, giving me an insider peek at some of the world’s most beautiful art.


“I believe God has me at my job for a plan and a purpose. I’m called to build relationships here – so I’m constantly asking, ‘How can I do this? How can I be available?’”

Elizabeth and her husband Rick have been part of the family through Church Online since 2010. Elizabeth embodies the core value of irrational generosity by taking what she’s learned from Pastor Craig and pouring that wisdom into the lives of other women.

Elizabeth is uniquely positioned to mentor and work with women younger than herself. Many of her co-workers are open to spiritual ideas but have never heard the gospel. As a result, they often struggle in their personal relationships. Elizabeth’s strategy for building relationships with them is straightforward and effective.

“It’s as simple as sharing verses I’ve read from my Bible App, being open to interruptions God brings, even just offering to take a co-worker out to lunch.”


Her ministry doesn’t stop at work. Elizabeth is involved in YoungLives, a ministry of Young Life that reaches out to single mothers and their children.

Each week, Elizabeth meets with single moms to share a meal, teach them about Jesus, and help resource them for motherhood.

“My goal at YoungLives is that these women would know they’re loved. They’re loved by God and by us – they’re precious, and they matter. For these women, this is earth-shattering news. They have so many battles to face, and I get the chance to get in the mess with them. I have the opportunity to say ‘you’re never too messy for Christ.’ That’s my goal. I want them to know they matter.

NEXT WEEK: Two are Better Than One


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