Be an Encourager

markey  By Markie Motsinger

From Amy:

Sisters, I’m very passionate about this week’s subject. It’s one of the wonderful parts of having or being a mentor or friend. I’ve known too many of you who lacked it in times that you needed it most. I’ve personally dealt with the heartache of being void of it in various seasons of my own life. When it’s offered it’s like receiving the richest and rarest of soul-giving nourishment. 
I’d love for you to hear what our guest blogger, Markie, has to say about it. 
Love you all!

But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. Hebrews 3:13

As Sisters, our vision is to reach one and teach one in the name of Jesus. Well, one of the best ways that we can reach anyone around us at any time is through encouragement.

The definition of encouragement means to give someone support, confidence or hope.

You know, we’ve all had those days or even seasons of life where we just don’t know how we’re going to make it.

You may be in a time in your life where you just kind of feel like you have nothing to offer.

Maybe your marriage is struggling and you don’t know which way to turn or where to go or even if our marriage is going to last.

Maybe you feel like you are failing as a parent.

Maybe you feel alone and isolated at work.

A few years ago, I was in a season where I felt that God had forgotten about my gifts and me. Everyone around me seemed to be hitting it out of the ballpark and then there was me, sitting on the sidelines. I wanted to wallow in self-pity and complain but fortunately someone new the value of encouragement. The simple act of taking me out to dinner and sharing with me how I had impacted her and others with my gifts jerked me back to the reality of God’s truth. God has not forgotten. I am being used.

We all need to purposefully strengthen those around us through encouraging words and actions.

Wherever life finds you right now, hopefully you are surrounded with a great support system of encouragers. But sadly, many do not have these strengthening relationships consistently in their lives.

Purposefully lift someone up with a word of encouragement.

Everyone needs someone to come alongside them and pour into them through the gift of encouragement!

Now, I’m not talking about polite encouragement, like, “Your hair looks great today.” No. That’s nice but it’s not enough.

Give the kind of encouragement where you really hit at the heart of the person:

  • You see something in them – you see growth – go out of your way to encourage that person in a specific area.
  • You see a gift inside of them — maybe it’s hospitality, leadership or teaching.   Recognize that gift in them. Go after that person to build them up with purpose from God. Show them how God is using them. Tell them how you see God touching lives through them.
  • Give them support when they are low. Remind them that God can rebuild their broken marriage. Declare God as their Healer and Restorer. Share the truth that God will provide wisdom and help for every sticky situation as they look to Him. Simply just being there for them in silence is often encouragement enough. Trust God to show you if and when to speak.

I lovingly implore you to be a constant encourager! Always be postured and ready to lift someone up and give her support.

It’s time for us to open our eyes and realize that everyone around us needs the gift of our encouragement.

Sisters Challenge:

Make a list of the people you are with on a regular basis. Briefly pray for each of them by name. Next, write down one specific way that you see that they may need encouragement.

Now, go and give it!

Watch Karen’s powerful story (2 minute video) and see how her encouragement becomes a vital ministry to other women:

Dear Sister, do you need encouragement right now?

Ask God to bring the support you need. He is faithful. God often encourages me through His presence as I spend time seeking Him. He also always strengthens me through His word. And whenever I am around His people, I am bound to find the hope I need. So if you haven’t already, get involved in a LifeGroup (small group). It will help boost your faith to a new level!

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