A Dark and Gloomy Issue

Extraordinarily-loved Sisters, I can’t tell you just how proud and thankful I am for my long-time friend’s courage to follow the Holy Spirit’s calling to engage in the much-needed ministry of post-abortion healing. Lori’s passion comes from her deep desire to help others receive the freedom she’s experienced personally.

We both pray that you’ll find the comfort, peace, and promise of God’s complete forgiveness and grace.

~ Amy

It’s a Dark and Gloomy Issue – Abortion

by Lori Briggs

Spring is known as a season of hope. Yet, there are times when the despair in our lives can cloud even the brightest rays of sunshine. Haley, a college student, released a thunderstorm of emotions as she poured out her heart on the blank pages of her journal following her abortion decision on October 23, 2000. “Lord, where is my hope?” “Is there a rainbow after the storm?” Haley chose to end her life in March 2001. My heart ached as I read her story. I knew the struggle, fears, and heartache. She was not alone. I wish I could have come alongside Haley in her desperation and told her my rainbow story. Maybe it would have been a beacon of hope and healing.

tree branch

I was pregnant with my first wanted child when I was 29. Studying the Old Testament stories of God’s wrath, His punishments for not following His law – statements like “an eye for an eye” – haunted and tormented me. I, too, had an abortion in college. The rainstorm of emotions drenched me as I felt unworthy of forgiveness or love. I needed to hear from God.

The very moment my child was born, God sent a rainbow outside the hospital window. I believe the rainbow appearing was more than a coincidence. It was God’s colorful sign of grace to me. I had been studying His word, and here He is, sending the well-known sign of hope and promise in 2000 A.D. In His mysterious way, He made Himself clear to me, as if I heard Him saying, “Lori, you didn’t believe me when I said, ‘You have been forgiven’ – so here is your sign. I meant what I said in Psalm 103:10, ‘I do not treat you as your sins deserve.’”


I know without a doubt He meant for me to share His message of hope and restoration to others, especially after reading testimonies like Haley’s.

God’s love is real, amazing and personal. Believe me when I say He truly forgives no matter what we’ve done. But we have to forgive ourselves and allow Him to bring healing and restoration only He can provide when we turn to Him.

Find more resources and help at http://nbint.org/inner-healing-department/


4 thoughts on “A Dark and Gloomy Issue

  1. Jan says:

    Thanks for sharing. I believe their are countless women who struggle with a past abortion. Thanks be to God who loves us and pours out His grace, if only we will accept it.


  2. Korree says:

    Thank you for posting this. As someone who also had an abortion in college, this only helps to illuminate the peace God gave me ten years ago. Bless you!


  3. lcsisters says:

    Lori, this is Sheri on the sisters team. This is beautiful, bold, in such a clear testimony of God’s abundant love for you, others who’ve been through this, and all of us sisters. He is so in the details. He is always ready to redeem and restore if only we have eyes to see and ears to hear. Great big hug & thank you for sharing your story.


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