Living Authentically

markey By Markey Motsinger

At one time or another, we all search for answers to the questions who am I, why do I exist, and am I good enough? The sad part is that our search usually ends in disappointment.

My personal search started at birth, at least that’s the way it feels. Along the way, I encountered two obstacles. The first was that I thought my identity was in knowing and embracing my traits, personality, and life position. Second, I tried to find answers through others’ likes or dislikes about me, comparing myself, and finding habits and traits that I could attempt to change. It wasn’t  until I began to know Christ in a real way that I began to find answers about my true identity.

Your identity defines who you are and expresses why you exist.

Your true God-given identity is something that never changes.

The problem is that we often confuse our identity with our roles, character, and personality. These things complement our identity but do not compose it.

When an inventor creates, only he knows how and why he created something. Christ is the Inventor that created you. Only He knows how and why He created you. If you want to know your true identity, you must go to our Creator.

When we seek to know Him through the Word of God, we learn who we are and our purpose.

God teaches us that we are His ambassadors, conquerors, chosen ones, new creations, adopted heirs, a royal priesthood, and His friends. In Him, we are free, powerful, blessed, redeemed, and self-disciplined. We are God’s workmanship created in Christ for good works, strangers to this world, wonderfully and fearfully made, and created to glorify God.

God speaks about mankind in Isaiah 43:7 saying “whom I created for my glory.”

David says in Psalm 139:13, For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

It is our choice to learn, understand, and believe who God created us to be and why.

Whether we choose to pursue this understanding or not, who we are created to be doesn’t change.

May I encourage you in this journey? You will never be satisfied with yourself or accomplish what you were created for unless you know the God who created you. Only in Christ you will you  find who you are, why you exist…and that He is enough.

If you want to dive into this topic a little more, use this link for my free Bible study, Authentic Living. Go through it by yourself, or even better – go through it with your LifeGroup.

Whatever you do, don’t go any further without knowing your true identity in Christ!

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