The Mother in Waiting: For Those Who Hold a Child in Their Heart

Lovely sisters, the saying, “God’s timing is perfect” is absolutely true, yet for many, His timing seems anything but perfect. My dear sister-in-Christ, Laura Provence, is a part of an incredible LifeGroup for women who battle infertility. Today (just this morning, actually), I received a touching letter from Laura regarding this sensitive subject. And I’m extremely grateful for her allowing me to share it with you. ~ Love, Amy

By Laura Provence

Dear Amy,

I have been reading the Sisters blog for several months. Each time I read a new entry, I think about a group of women that have truly impacted my life. I have felt compelled to write to you about them for a while, now. Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I feel that tug on my heart a little more.

You see, this group of women that I would like to tell you about are infertile. In fact, they are a LifeGroup at the Jenks campus called Infertile Myrtles.

Being infertile isn’t what makes them special, though. It’s what brings them together.

This group consists of children’s counselors, LifeChurch staff, an engineer, a lawyer’s assistant, an oil company employee, a prayer counselor, a women’s health physician’s assistant, a cancer nurse, a city employee, and several others.

It even consists of a couple of mothers that are still fighting their infertility journey in the secondary manner and mothers that have lost their babies before and after birth. They are comedians, listeners, encouragers, prayer warriors, realists, cynics, criers, laughers, optimists, and pessimists.

Basically, they are real women.

And they are all immersed in their journeys through infertility.

Some are seeking fertility treatments. Some are seeking adoption. Some are praying for God’s miracle. Some are in the middle of decisions and don’t know where to go next.

Unfortunately for them, they all have one thing in common that on May 9 will cause them pain. They all long for a child to enter their life. Infertile women think about the baby they don’t have as much as their friends with newborns think about the baby they do have.

On a day where many will celebrate the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends in their lives that are moms, these women will experience a different kind of day. Some will sincerely rejoice with everyone around them for the lives that they have brought into this world. Some will attend church and fight to hold back tears during the child dedications. Some will find it too painful to leave the house on this day. Each of them will hurt. They will long for that missing piece to the life plan they had assumed they knew.

As Mother’s Day approaches, my heart aches for all of these women and the many others around the world that suffer from infertility. There is a stigma that comes with infertility. It keeps people from asking questions. It makes people uncomfortable, not knowing what to say, when they find out someone battles with it. It holds mouths shut that should be talking about it and helping these women to find more comfort during their trials.

These ladies in Jenks are a few of the lucky ones because they have found sisters to share the pain. Too many others do not have that support system. Too many others are too scared to talk about it because it’s private. Too many others think that infertility means something is wrong with them. I want them to all stop suffering alone.

That is my one wish this Mother’s Day.

(One in eight couples struggle with infertility.)

4 thoughts on “The Mother in Waiting: For Those Who Hold a Child in Their Heart

  1. Mandy says:

    Thank you, Amy and Laura for sharing this with us! I have been so blessed by both of you. Laura-I am grateful you are willing to be so open so that I could find comfort in my openness! Thanks for having the strength to start Infertile Myrtles. Its is such a blessing!


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