thE MYth of PerFecTiOn

Sisters, I believe perfectionism is a very common struggle for many women today. And the clouds of discouragement that follow our inability to achieve our unrealistic expectations can be quite difficult to shake if we don’t renew our minds with Truth. That’s why I praise God for bringing you to our blog site today. I pray that our wonderful Father will meet you here and minister deeply to your soul. 

All my love ~ Amy

Perfect score from a panel of 3 businessman judges

JennJ By Jennifer Jewell

As a classic first-born female, I like to be in control. And more than that? I like my control with a side of PERFECTION. My house, my marriage, my schedule, my kids—and on and on and on. Can you relate? As you’ve probably experienced, this is an impossible, ridiculous, stress-induced trigger toward insanity. Because…


There’s no perfect house—especially when you’re trailed by a toddler tornado.

There’s no perfect marriage—even imperfect-yet-godly marriages don’t happen on accident.

There’s no perfect schedule—because seasons ebb and flow, while a flawless balancing act is unattainable.

There’s no perfect kid and no perfect parent—EVER. Both roles are refining works of art and progress.

There’s no perfect friendship, body, career, family, church, relationship, or person.


When I’m chasing my own standard of fabricated perfection, I’m setting myself up for heavy disappointment—with a bar I’ve raised by myself.

In my own hopeless pursuit, I’ve noticed some toxic side-effects:

  • PRIDE. Perfection is really just a fancy label that camouflages our pride. When I’m constantly focused on me, me, me and having all of my, my, my ducks in a row—and controlling those ducks—I’m selfishly distracted with my own will instead of HIS. Satan fell from heaven because He wanted to push his own agenda, which was having more power and control than God.

But when our eyes are focused on Jesus, who humbled Himself to the point of carrying our sinful imperfection to the cross, we can’t help but be compelled to follow His example. Not MY will, Lord, but YOURS be done.

  • PARALYSIS. There’s nothing like a quest for perfection to stop you in your tracks. The idea of perfection can be paralyzing, numbing, and overrated.

But God goes before us, paving the roads beneath our feet with His beautifully scandalous grace. And so we can DARE to run the race He’s put inside of us. We can sprint in freedom and confidence, knowing it’s HIM working through our imperfections and limitations.

  • PRETENSION. As we already said, perfection is a facade. And we don’t have to keep pretending! Pinterest-polished pictures and poses might be perfect, but they are an illusion.

We want in on the good stuff, right? The REAL thing. Not the perfect display of counterfeit living, but the raw and genuine grace that’s given us a second chance at joy. Only when we come to Him with the real us, can we accept the goodness of His real, unconditional love.

I said there was no such thing as perfection, but I lied. There IS One who is perfect; His name is Jesus.

The goal shouldn’t be OUR perfection, but knowing HIS.

Today—and everyday—His perfection is enough.

Sisters Challenge!

Take the next five minutes to think about and write down a list of ALL your unrealistic, perfectionist expectations about yourself.

Once you’ve finished, read through your list prayerfully. Ask God to reveal His thoughts about your ideals. 

What is God showing you? What next step should you take?

2 thoughts on “thE MYth of PerFecTiOn

  1. Ruth Russo says:

    Jenn, you’re such a beautiful writer! You know how to word things so well and in a way we can all relate! I always love and appreciate your transparency as well! Love you, thanks for sharing!


  2. Laura Provence says:

    What a beautiful post, Jenn. I have to admit that I struggle with beating myself up when I’m not perfect. This post was brought to me in excellent timing. I appreciate you taking the time to share this with all of us. *Hugs*


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