One Thing We Can ALL Do to Change a Life

Sisters, we are called by God to share His good message of freedom and hope, but for many of us, this call can seem scary. We feel insecure about how to approach the “God” subject. We feel unprepared or fearful of being rejected… but the burden and call remains!

No matter where you fall in the intimidation vs. boldness witnessing-factor, I want to encourage you all to begin sharing Christ TODAY.


One of the simplest ways for us to love and introduce others to our Savior, Jesus Christ, is an invitation to church or to Church Online at

Yep. And bringing them with you is even better!

I’m excited for you to watch this amazingly powerful story of how ONE small act of courage and love became Sharon’s biggest and forever gift. I pray that it will inspire you to step out and make a call, email, text, visit, or bribe (okay, maybe I’m kidding on that last one) today!

Sharon’s Story

Until all are reached!


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