Placing Jesus at the Top

Undoubtedly, our shopping and spending will increase as we move into the holiday season. I don’t want the pull of materialism and gift-buying to cause me to lose sight of my Savior, Christ Jesus. Do you? That’s why I pray that today’s blog post will be an inspiring example of a heart devoted to making Jesus your top priority. Oh, and be sure to look at the Sisters Challenge at the end of this post for a simple, but powerful idea that will bless you!                      

Loving you ~ Amy

Patty Brown (3)



by Patty Brown

I’ve read many articles on finances, and although I’d always heard how spouses view money differently, I didn’t realize just how different those views could be until I got married.

Nov 16Most people would agree that there is usually a “spender” and a “saver” in most marriages. This is certainly the case with my husband and me. I’m the spender. I’m not a buy-anything-you-want kind of person, but I definitely spend more on what would be called frivolous items.

Preparing for married life, I was certain I would only be able to buy the necessities. On the other hand, my husband, the “saver” wondered if we would be maxing-out our credit cards, without saving any money at all.

But we did agree from the very beginning that we would honor God from our “first fruits” (giving through the tithe) no matter what our financial position might be.

A particular experience while I was young, single, and living in Hawaii will always stand out as a turning point of my trust in God for provision.

Surviving paycheck-to-paycheck was my mode of operation. I had just enough to pay my bills and buy food. (It was a blessing that the hotel where I worked as a Human Resources Assistant provided free lunch to employees.)

One particular month I was faced with either tithing to the Lord or paying a bill. I had always been faithful (and able) to tithe and pay my bills, but this time there wasn’t enough money for both. For me, paying a bill “late” just isn’t an option, so I was in a quandary of wondering if I could pay the Lord “late” and not have a negative mark on my credit history with Him. ☺

It was obvious to me what I should do, but I kept thinking, “Lord, you want me, as a Christian, to pay what I owe, right?” It was one of those times that I tried to logically explain my sin to God.

I chose to honor God by writing the tithe check and believed Him for the funds necessary to pay the bill. The very next day I received a check in the mail refunding a deposit from the phone company; it was just enough to cover the debt.

Now, as a married woman, living with a “saver” husband and determining whether to tithe or pay a bill has never been an issue for us. Although sometimes I struggle with the “how much money do we really need” question, I am very thankful that my spouse takes God’s charge to give and provide for his family very seriously.

Whether you are a spender or a saver, single or married, young or old, honor God with your first and best, and watch how He will provide.

God doesn’t need our money. But we need the maturity that obeying God’s Word brings.

“And my God shall supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19


Let’s decide to place Jesus at the top! Not only in our giving, but also in everything we do, however insignificant. He is worthy!


Set up a daily reminder that you will be sure to see each day with the words,

“Jesus Christ at the Top.”

Always ask God for direction in living this out each day.

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