Discerning and Doing the Important


Time. Without a doubt, time is a precious gift from God. And what we do with it matters greatly. Are we intentional and spiritually focused to maximize the days we have been given? Or do we squander our days, being overly responsive to chatter and under-responsive to God’s voice? 

I’m grateful you are reading today’s Sisters post along with me. Clear away the distractions now and pray that you’ll have ears to hear and a heart to respond as God leads. Loving you — Amy

Sheri Yates BW




By Sheri Yates

The cell phone is always dinging, chirping, vibrating, ringing – just blowing up with texts, notifications from Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe, Instagram, and a few (I mean very few) phone calls.

It’s  easy to hear the noise and jump right into it. I often wonder what percentage of the day the kids see me with my phone in hand. Am I too distracted by it when they really need me?

When you hear the ding on your phone, it often triggers something in your mind that says, “This is urgent.” Urgent is defined this way: requiring immediate action or attention.

Focus Nov 23

But just because something is urgent doesn’t mean it’s important. Important is defined as “of great significance or value; likely to have a profound effect on success, survival, or well-being.”


  • When my phone dings, and it’s a text from a popular restaurant telling me to come by tomorrow for a free coffee – that isn’t  important, is it?
  • When your child screams. That’s urgent and important.
  • If your friend texts you about a getting a pedicure? That may seem urgent, but it isn’t  really important.

Have you dumped a child off your lap to catch a call? I’m  humiliated to think of all the ways I’ve  chosen the seemingly urgent over the important.

I have felt so much pressure from people trying to reach me, but I just can’t get back in a  moment…or even sometimes for days! It’s embarrassing. I’ll  get texts or emails saying, “Hello, are you there?” Mentally, I’ve  responded, but…

I have to remind myself,

“Just because the phone rings or dings doesn’t  mean it is urgent.”

The so-called “urgent” can momentarily distract you from the true calling of your life.

God might be saying, “Don’t stop what I have asked you to do to meet the (so-called?) urgent needs of others. I can handle them.”

Just because people don’t understand what you do with your time doesn’t mean you owe them any explanation. Hopefully you’re  busy about God’s important works. Just keep on doing them . Don’t be distracted by the little daily interruptions.

All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one. Matthew 5:37

God is saying to all of us:

“Who is your God, Me (God) or people?

You are only accountable to Me.

Do you not see how you are people-pleasing in this on-demand society?

Add up the time you have lost with me by these distractions (If you can).  You have allowed yourself to be diverted to other people’s agendas while you have not even completed the next thing I told you to do.

See this for what it is, and let it steal from Me (God) no more!

I am the living God. I am worthy of your full attention.”


What is distracting you?

Go back and do the last thing God told you to do.

Go forward with a new alertness and faithful obedience to what God reveals as truly important.

3 thoughts on “Discerning and Doing the Important

  1. alexandriafierce says:

    Love this! I’d be lying of course if I said I didn’t have distractions for my time! But a thought occurred to me…I really think what I struggle with is that I want to accomplish too much in a day. Woman tend to multitask anyway but I take that to an extreme. Instead of trying to do 2 or 3 things in a day I want to do 8, 10, 15! Love the word focus on that picture which is probably what I need to do.


  2. alexandriafierce says:

    Love this! Of course I would be lying if I said I didn’t have distractions. I use social media for my photography business and it’s super hard to get on social media to work without scrolling. A thought occurred to me though…I think the main problem for me time wise is that I tend to attempt to do too much in a day. Women multitask anyway but I take that to an extreme! I set out to do 10 or 15 things a day when realistically I can only accomplish 2 or 3. I like how you had the word focus on that photo, which is definitely what I need to do! Thank you for posting!


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