Passing on Your Passion

By Amy Groeschel

This blog post is steeped in a prayer. You see, I am praying you will be stirred up with passion to pass on God’s Word to the younger generations that follow you.

Why does this really matter?

Most importantly, because the Word of God is a living and active Person. The Word is so sharp  it can pierce right through our self-made walls and discern our thoughts and attitudes. (Hebrews 4:12)

It’s important because Scripture is God-breathed and to be used to instruct, rebuke, correct, and train us in righteousness. (2 Timothy 3:16)

Passing on God’s Word is vital because Romans 1 teaches us that the wickedness of man is what suppresses the truth, but Romans 10:17 informs us that faith comes from hearing God’s Word.

And passing on the truth is crucial because I want my children and the up-and-coming generations to know and grow in their love of God and people. I want their faith sharpened.

I want them walking in perfect peace–because they know, rely on, and are fixed on the Word.

And while our culture is darkening, I want our children to become brilliant stars of Christ’s righteousness in that darkness – radiant for Jesus – living powerfully and faithfully obedient for Him.

Are you with me?

If you are, I want to share some really practical ideas to help you sow more seeds of God’s Word into the younger generations!

Let’s start with where it all begins …you. Planting the seeds of God’s Word starts with your example. So, what example are you setting? Answer these two questions to help you consider the example you set:

Is God’s Word a priority in your life?

Do others see you living by God’s Word?

Please don’t fly by these first two questions, but think honestly about your current state. Your personal example will carry greater weight than anything you could ever verbally teach.

Now it’s time to consider those God has placed in your life with whom you can share His Word. Think inside and outside of your home!

Me? Well, my kids have had me continually guiding them through the Scriptures from infancy. I started a Bible study for teen girls at church about four years ago and have taught and written Bible studies for many different groups for over 15 years.

How about you? I hope you seek out every way possible to share God’s word with others!

Here are some other ways to magnify the Word:

Amy’s Seed-Sowing Ideas:  

  • Read aloud with the little ones. Gather and go through the many great young children’s Bibles and please, please, please read from a regular “adult” Bible to the little ones, too. Two of my favorites for the littles are The Jesus Storybook Bible and the fabulous Bible App for Kids. Download here:
  • Encourage Bible memory. No matter what age, memorizing the scriptures become easy when set to music! You can find many choices by just searching the Internet. Memorize verses together and hold each other accountable by setting goals and calendaring a plan.
  • Give a Scripture birthday blessing. I love to set an example of my love for God’s word by sharing a chapter or verse as a special birthday gift.
  • Print or write out scriptures. I love to search and gather specific topics in the word pertaining to my children’s needs. They can keep a printout by their beds to encourage them.
  • Read the Word together. When could you set aside time to sit and read God’s word together? This is my very favorite thing to do with my kids. Breakfast time is when we dig into our Bibles together. We all read through a chapter or two at a time and share what is meaningful to us.
  • Talk about what you are privately reading. Get personal. Share your struggles and insights from what God is teaching you.
  • Christian Science is a powerful tool. Prepare yourself and others with a biblical worldview. I’m sick and tired of young people getting confused and deceived by secular science. How can we accurately study about created things without a Creator perspective? Apologia Science is my favorite curriculum and God of Wonders is a video documentary everyone should watch!
  • Use YouVersion Reading Plans. On the Bible App you can find friends, share what you read, highlight or comment on verses, and more.

What about older kids and young adults?

Sadly, many young adults can struggle in their faith. Let’s do all we can to support them spiritually.

Does that mean we force Bible reading on them? No. But they will need your example and prayers.

Should you preach at them? No, of course not. Please stop trying.

So what can you do to help?

Pray… live out the Word… love, and encourage them in the Truth.. keep praying!

Pray for godly friends and mentors. Ask God to capture their hearts and strengthen their faith.


Based on what you’ve just read, what is your next step?

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