Seeking True Friendship

By Sheri Yates

Have you ever had a friend to whom you couldn’t stop talking ? Did you cut off each other’s sentences because you were so eager to share the next thing  on your mind? My youngest girl, Kennedy, and Amy’s youngest daughter, Joy, are friends like that. Listening to them makes your head spin. They can’t wait to share with each other. Sometimes they even text each other before they get together to start their conversation. They text  little messages on their phones begging to spend more time together so they can talk, giggle, and laugh. The joy they have explodes wherever they are. The friendship they have is evident to all. They include others, but,  clearly, their hearts are sewn together.

I think  their sweet friendship is the kind of friendship we’re supposed to be seeking with the Lord. We should  be unable to stop talking with Him. We should be about to explode with  stories we want to share with Him. We shouldn’t be reserved or worry about when would be a good time to talk to Him or whether something is worth telling Him. We  shouldn’t be thinking, “Should I really tell Him about this? Is He too busy to hear this one thing? Maybe this minor issue isn’t one I should share because it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to Him.”

With the girls, there’s no restraint in their storytelling. They tell each other everything. That’s how it should be in your relationship with God. Your Father knows every thought before it tumbles to your lips. He knows everything about you. He knows you, inside and out, better than anyone else. He knows every tear  you’ve cried and every tear you’ve held back. He knows every smile you’ve given  or refrained from showing because you were holding back in fear. He’s a friend who is constantly talking to you and cannot wait to share and pour out His love for you. He has stories to tell you and so much to share.

Are you seeking the Father’s heart with the same intensity? Are you pouring out your heart to Him, eager to share  every thought and detail of your life? In my case, sometimes I am and sometimes  I’m not. Sometimes  I’m too busy, letting  problems ramble around in my mind. I end up telling someone else what I should be telling my loving Father. I share my golden passions with others and then forget to come back to the Father and express to Him what’s on my heart.

Seeking God in prayer  isn’t about asking Him to fix everything and do everything for you. It’s about allowing Him to become your closest friend. He is most likely the only friend who has laid down  his life for you. He’s closer than any other friend or any spouse on earth could ever be. Will you let Him be that friend?

Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends (John 15:13 NIV).


Friendships take time! Right?

What do you think you could do differently to become a better friend with your  true Best Friend?

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