How to Start Your Day

By Sheri Yates

I don’t have this worked out perfectly. Maybe you do, and you should teach me. The Bible says to seek first the Kingdom of God. Yes, okay… seek first…?  What should this “seeking first” really look like? Actually, I’m working out this “seeking first”, because honestly, I don’t always place God first in my day.

There are three times when I find I truly seek God.

First, when my heart is fixed and established on Him first thing in the morning. I wake up early for time alone with Him and end up praying all day long. I’m  seeking His heart. I find  my day is smoother no matter what I face. I’m calm, peaceful, and trusting –   relying on Him completely.

Then, there are days when my alarm doesn’t go off, and I wake up late. I scurry around the house preparing the kids’ lunches and making sure they’re prepared for the day. “Pack your snacks. Pack your bag. Fix your hair. Get in the car. We have to hurry! Shut the door! Do you have your schoolwork? Where’s your coat? Come on kids, we have to go!”

There is a sense of anxiety in my tone. I may even raise my voice. The busyness in my life frequently reflects an unsettledness in my soul. When we finally arrive where we’re going, I recognize my priorities are all wrong. “Wait a second. I feel anxious. The peace of God isn’t my ruler right now. Anxiety is my ruler.” In these moments of pause, I awaken spiritually and  seek God fully with my anxious, needy heart. Feeling hurried and rushed can  be a part of life, but if we seek first the kingdom of God and make His Word our daily bread, His peace can go with us.

The third way I seek God first is in a crisis: like when there’s a bad report from a doctor, a family member heading down a destructive path, or financial struggles. In days of crisis, I find myself seeking God early every day, laying down my calendar and crying out, praying, conducting spiritual warfare on my knees saying, “Lord, help, please help! You’re my source. You’re my anchor.”

Allow your crises to put you on your knees, wholeheartedly seeking God, so  the peace of God can guard your heart. Thankfully, this seeking Him  out of desperation may be the season where the deepest truths of His goodness and faithfulness are taught.

So, whether it’s a day where I begin with my heart fixed on Him, setting aside time for Him, or a rushed day —when I feel anxiously out of control, or even a time of crisis,  I’m “crazy thankful” to have a Faithful God to run to. He never turns me away. But beginning each day making Him FIRST is by far the best way to seek Him.

Seek God first. Love Him first. Desire Him first. Look to Him first. Discover the joy of knowing God more and more. Why wait until a need or crisis arises before enjoying His satisfying presence?

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