A Great Question to Ask Yourself Daily

By Amy Groeschel

What does your heart look like? I’m not referring to your constantly pulsing, anatomical heart, but your inner person “heart.” What does that heart look like lately?

Is it a bit anxious or fearful? Is it lonely or broken? Is it selfish, proud, or irritable? Maybe, just maybe, you’ve found that your heart is quite content and full of gratitude at this present time. Please stop reading for a moment and consider your answer.

What does your heart look like?
For quite some time I had this very question posted up on my bathroom mirror for daily consideration. Quite honestly, some days I didn’t want to think about the attitude of my heart. I would rather ignore my heart check-up and sulk or fume a while longer. Thankfully, the gracious and ever gentle Spirit of God would always (eventfully) soften my soul and bring me to a place of wholeness.

You see, I believe we need this daily self-reflection much more than our routine self-inspection of our physical image. Maybe you would agree with me that many of us spend countless moments on the latter reflection than we do at lingering long on an inner look.

Proverbs 27:19 teaches us this truth, “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.”

You and I are not the sum total of our outward appearance. In fact we are quite the opposite. Our hearts reveal who we truly are. We know this, right? Yet, how often do we forget this truth?

If you’re not sure how to accurately examine yourself, just consider your overflow: what you’ve been thinking or saying. Jesus explained it this way, “For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.” (Matthew 12:34)

If you just thought, “Ouch,” that’s okay. I’m actually aiming for your toes. Seriously, if we don’t get real, we can’t heal. Sorry about the rhyme, but you know it’s true. This SISTERS blog is not a fun little weekly habit we’ve established to pass our free time. We want to equip, strengthen, and motivate you so that you can grow STRONG IN CHRIST JESUS. When you are stronger, awesome life-giving, Kingdom-building potential awakens.

Would you please join me for the next several weeks of SISTERS posts as we explore some critical and amazing lessons that the Bible covers regarding our hearts? I hope you do. Preparing this Heart blog series has been an enriching journey for me and I don’t want you to miss out on the lessons the Spirit of God wants to teach us. Okay?! Until next week then…

SISTERS CHALLENGE (This part is important!)

Get out your Sharpie and sticky note pad (or whatever method suits your fancy) and write down “What does your heart look like?” for your bathroom mirror!

And now, what are you going to do with your answers to this important question? May I suggest that you take every bit of personal insight immediately to our gracious and wonderful Heavenly Father for His healing and restoring Presence to guide and teach you? Because if you don’t get real, you can’t heal.


2 thoughts on “A Great Question to Ask Yourself Daily

  1. Vicki Williamson Townsend says:

    Just re-read this today…. I think the Lord knew I needed it today. I honestly just skimmed over it really quickly the other day but for some reason hadn’t marked it as done in inbox. Going to get my sharpie right now! Thank you Amy…and thank you Lord for keeping this in my inbox. 😊


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