Need an Enthusiasm Boost?

By Amy Groeschel

I hope you already have a huge love for God’s word. I hope you read, meditate on, and study it every day. I hope the Scriptures regularly speak to you and build your faith. But let’s not kid ourselves. Godly passions, disciplines, and good intentions can wane if we get distracted. So if you are in need of an enthusiasm boost, I want to help!

In our last LC Sisters post, I encouraged you to begin praying (Ephesians 1:17) and studying the Word with the specific goal to know your Heavenly Father better.

Today, I’d like to take you through a simple exercise in order for our love and esteem of Scripture to burst into greater flame. We are going to read through the longest chapter of the Bible: Psalm 119. I encourage you to read it all the way through or for as long as time will allow.

This psalm repeatedly speaks of ordinances, commands, laws, precepts, and statutes. But really and truly, all of these words can be summed up as “The Word of God.” So as you read, try substituting this variety of words with “The Word.”

My hope is that this emphasis brings more clarity to the text and truly impacts your heart.
Go further in your study!

Grab a notepad or tablet and title a page “The Word.” Begin to write, type, or dictate a list of each description you find about God’s Word throughout Psalm 119.

This may take you a good while to finish. When I did it, I had over two pages of notes. It was totally worth it! My passion for the Bible was greater because of this exercise. Consider breaking it up into smaller sections. I encourage you to spend as many days as you’d like and enjoy the process.

One more thing – Slow down! You will miss out on deeper and fuller insights if you are in a rush.

Bible reading should be like observing great artwork. The longer I spend looking closely at a painting of a master artist, the more I notice the intricate details, mood, and beauty. I see things that I would have missed if I’d only looked for a moment.

The book of James tells us that the person who looks intently at God’s Word, not forgetting it, but doing what it says, will be blessed.

If we skim through the Bible, not only will we forget what we have read, but how will the life-giving content take root in our hearts and minds to bear good fruit?

Okay now, Psalm 119. Ready? On your mark, get set, go!

2 thoughts on “Need an Enthusiasm Boost?

  1. Kathy Patton says:

    This is a wonderful way to hear from the One who loves us best. Psalms 119 is rich with treasures, easy to find. Our response to the truth revealed can be life changing. Thank you for this beautiful encouragement.


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