As Life.Church SISTERS, we desire to truly know and live out of our Father’s heart for us as His chosen, highly-valued daughters.

Therefore, we host the LC SISTERS Event as an annual gathering where the girls of our church meet across all of our 25 locations and all over the world through Church.Online.

Transformation, healing, and strengthening occurs as we rally female hearts together to worship boldly, connect with new and old friends, hear inspiring teaching, and grow in our calling and vision to reach and teach other girls for Christ!

Please JOIN US for SEVEN DAYS of PRAYER as we are asking and believing for a SISTERS Event that will give birth to:

Responsive hearts

imageCommunities transformed

Faith-filled next steps

Strongholds broken


Renewed hope

God’s love deeply revealed


We have great expectations for the upcoming 2016 SISTERS Event.


Because we know our forever-faithful God and have complete confidence that He hears our prayers.

Not only does He hear them, but as we agree with His will for us, we know He will answer in ways that are BEYOND what we ask!

Thank you for praying.

We hope you can join us at this year’s SISTERS event!

Love always,

The Life.Church SISTERS team

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