Beautiful, Ordinary Day

By Amy Groeschel

A woman walked up to me one day and said something along the lines of, “I can’t imagine what it’s like to live your life!” As if my life was straight out of “Leave it to Beaver.” (Ya know, the old TV show.) The truth is my life is ordinary, and I love the simple things. Well . . .  I mean, I should, if I would only slow down enough to notice them.

Let’s cruise together through one of my typical weekdays and look for the small, seemingly insignificant, and lovely. My hope is that you will be inspired to see all the beauty in your life, too.

It’s Monday morning. Like every morning, I begin my day with my “good-morning” prayer time with my loving Father. Not too much later, I see Craig strolling my way with a sweet smile, coming in for a hug, smooch, and a quick prayer before he heads out the door for the church office.

I grab an instant oatmeal pack and make a cup of hot tea. Meanwhile, my three youngest children (the older three have moved up and on) gather around the kitchen table to begin our day of homeschool. There’s usually a kid or two squabbling over who ate the last frozen waffle, took their pencil, or woke up the latest. Today, they are fussing about someone who was apparently eating too loudly.

After I restore some peace and order to the room, we begin our time with a prayer to thank and acknowledge our True Teacher. We each open our own personal Bible to read along together from 1 Corinthians 12. After spending a bit longer than planned expressing my thoughts about spiritual gifts, I hand out a language arts assignment. Sometimes this is more enjoyable than others. Today, I have to remind the kids (and myself) to be patient and not complain.

When Sam, my sophomore, completes his work with me, he heads upstairs to the “schoolroom” to work on his other school subjects. His math teacher is this nice man’s voice on a teaching CD-ROM. I love technology. ☺

Next, Stephen, Joy, and I gather on our comfy sofa as I read aloud about the breakdown of an old scientific theory, Spontaneous Generation, followed by two chapters from a great work of children’s literature, The Bronze Bow, and then a world history book filled with very interesting pictures. When we finish, I send them off to work on other assignments for the remaining school day, which usually is completed around 2:00pm.

After starting a load of dirty laundry and tackling some dishes, I respond to a string of correspondence waiting on my phone. (I’m sure none of you can relate… Ha!)

Sam and I drive to a private school for him to take a required reading test for obtaining his driver’s permit. I grab us a lunch of pre-made sandwiches at the grocery store on the way – don’t’ worry, the kids at home are experts at cooking “healthy” frozen pizza. Mmm. ☺

When we arrive back at the house, Joy is  finished with her schoolwork and needs me to check it in a hurry. Plus, she needs me to sew the stretched-out elastic on her swimsuit so she can be ready to swim when her friend, Caylee, arrives. Instead, Caylee and Joy decide that our dog, Sadie, needs a bath. So I Google homemade dog shampoos and we mix a new concoction together. Sadie is now fairly clean. ☺

Craig comes home early to grab his packed bags and leave to catch a flight to Denver for a conference. I am already missing him!

I pre-ordered my groceries online at Wal-Mart last night (this is totally amazing, by the way), so off I go to pick them up and bring them home to my always-hungry crew.

And yeah, in the midst of all this, I am somehow returning texts, emails, making phone calls, and posting on Instagram for this blog.

By 5:00, the boys are folding and putting away their clothes. Stephen has the oven warming as we plan to quickly feast on his favorite “ketchup fish”  before heading out the door for soccer practices.

Anna leaves to see a friend, and so it’s just Joy and me out for the night until it’s time to pick up the footie guys. We drop her friend Caylee off at home, run errands, and stop over to visit my newly married daughter, Mandy. Mandy has company while her husband, James, is at church for the evening, so we don’t stay long.

We drive back over to the soccer fields to watch the end of practice. Well, I watch. Joy plays games on my phone.

Finally, we drive home, singing to the songs on the radio with the windows down (the athletic smell is too intense). It’s time to wash up, eat a quick snack, and prepare for bed. But I stay up late… laughing with Anna over silly stuff on her phone and decide to write about my day.

It was a beautiful, ordinary, wonderful day. Now to sleep.


Every good and perfect gift is from above…   James 1:17

Do you enjoy the routines in your life and remember to be thankful for them?

If not, I want you to begin (right now) thanking God for each supposedly small gift and apparently unseen blessing that you experience throughout this day.

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