Who Do You Say That I Am?

By Sheri Yates

Years ago, I heard a song titled ”Who Do You Say That I am?” and was asked to describe who God was to me. At the time, I was in a sweet, fruitful, happy season. What I didn’t know then was the same year, my mom would be diagnosed with cancer, and that I was going to become the mom to a third daughter.

Exactly a year later, I was asked to listen to this song and again describe who God was to me. Afterward, I compared the descriptions. This time, I felt tears streaming from my eyes, because who God was to me just 12 months later had completely changed. Through the pain of life, I was now experiencing the attributes of my Father God in a completely new way. God is truly enough for every joy and sorrow, through every gain and every loss.

Jesus asked His disciples in Matthew 16:15, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?”

Now it’s your turn. Today, who do you say God is? We would love to read your answers and pray over you. Post one attribute that you struggle with believing about God.

Click here to listen to the song, “Who Do You Say That I am?”

Following are the lyrics:

Peacemaker, Fear Taker, Soul Soother, Storm Smoother
Light Shiner, Lost Finder, Cloud Lifter, Deliverer,
Heart Toucher, Truth Lover,
Who other could be Fear Taker, Peacemaker

 Mind Clearer, Sigh Healer, Hand Holder, Counselor,
Wound Binder, Tear Dryer, Strength Giver, Provider,
Heart Healer, Kind Father,
Who other could be, My Savior, Peacemaker

 Let Your Peace Rule in my heart,
Let Your kindness fill my thoughts,
Let Your strength secure my soul,
Let Your peace take hold in me,
Let Your Wisdom guide my will,
Your compassion fill this place,
Let my anxious thoughts be still,
Let Your peace rule in my Heart.

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