Ambushed by Jesus

img_1992Meet Pastor Trevor and his wife Lori

In April 2004, my wife Lori and I walked through the doors of Life.Church for the first time. Our lives were an absolute mess and we were desperately looking for hope. Lori was in a fierce battle with alcoholism and I was a Success-aholic completely obsessed with the pursuit of money. We were both deeply broken and our marriage was about over. Then something happened that set in motion a complete transformation of our lives…we were invited to church.

One of my best friends, Albert, invited us to attend Life.Church with his family. Lori or I had not grown up going to church; we actually considered “church people” hypocrites. We both kind of believed in a God, but we were quite sure if He was real and He certainly didn’t approve of us.

Well on that April day we found a place that welcomed us with all of our problems. Life.Church – A place where it was okay not to be okay; no one expects you to be perfect; and where you can belong before you believe. In that place we encountered a man named Jesus and we were AMBUSHED by His grace, His mercy, and His love. In Jesus, we found healing, forgiveness, life-purpose, and hope for our future.

Life.Church is truly a place full of loving and caring people. Not a place full of perfect people, but a place filled with the love of God.

Looking back, we thank God for my friend who courageously invited us to church. That place changed us. It changed our outcome, our journey, and transformed us into healthy, free people. Because of Jesus and Albert, today, my wife and I lead Shawnee, OK Life.Church location. It is our sincerest hope is that we could meet you during one of our Christmas services and that you would also be AMBUSHED by Jesus!

Today we want to invite you into this place. To find a location near you

2 thoughts on “Ambushed by Jesus

  1. tommieharms says:

    Thank you for sharing your story . What a beautiful grace story of transformation. You will be used by God to reach 1000’s as you follow God in this journey. Alcoholism has been in our family for generations and it takes special folks who understand Gods transforming love to lovingly journey with families. Bless you both as you enjoy your walk with Jesus leading people to be fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ!


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