Looking For A Lifeline?

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By Bonnie Paludan

Falling apart?

“A Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t” – Charles Spurgeon.

As I sat across the table from a young woman pouring out her heart, she shared with me her struggles, my hand reached out to comfort her. The stress she was feeling in her life and the anxiety that was tearing her up inside, was almost tangible.

As I continued to listen and encourage her, I asked “So when was the last time you read your bible?” Her weary eyes looked back at me as she replied “I feel so overwhelmed and busy, I just don’t have the time… and when I do pick it up, I don’t feel like it makes much sense.”

As a Pastor, friend and counselor, I have come across a similar story countless times over the years. Women of all ages and in various seasons of their life would give me a resounding and consistent response to my question — “Bonnie, I just don’t have time.”

These women are not alone. I too have had seasons where I just got too busy, my kids drained all the time and energy I had, and there always seemed to be a reason why I didn’t have the time to study God’s Word. It was in those seasons where I started feeling the pressures of life overwhelm me. I was short with my husband, felt anxious and concerned about life, my children and different situations. It was only when I reached that point, that I would evaluate myself and ask “Bonnie, what’s going on?”

I questioned what I was doing differently to get into such a bad place, and without fail it would be because my bible had collected dust.

I brushed off the dust and began to read His Word each day, and once again the powerful Word of God became my lifeline, my hope when there seemed to be none, and my peace in the middle of my storm. The words in those pages would encourage me, and remind me of the wonderful God I serve. Every time I picked it up and began to read, I felt my burdens get lighter and my heart at peace.

The passages in this precious book have become my connection to a fountain of life-giving water, they quench my thirst like nothing in this world can, and fill any voids I may have in my heart. God knows exactly what I need to hear, and every moment I spend reading His Word is like a counselling session with the King of Heaven.

The bible has become my compass, pointing my life in the right direction. It is my map so that when I feel lost I can find my way home again; it’s my rule book, continually reminding me of right from wrong; it is the lamp for my feet in dark places, and the guide that keeps me on the path set out for me.

My prayer is that this post will encourage you to remain in His Word. Both in the good times and in the bad, I know that His living Word will be a lifeline for you too. As you dedicate your life to studying God’s Word, you will experience for yourself how the truth will set you free!

Love you heaps Sisters!
Our Australian sister


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2 thoughts on “Looking For A Lifeline?

  1. loriandkids says:

    My daily reading of His word has been my lifeline! I continue to get exactly what I need every time I open it up. Good times and bad this book is the nourishment for my soul, just as food is for my body. Thank you God for always showing me what I need!


  2. Vicki Townsend says:

    I love this because it is just so so so true. I have challenged myself and others to just do this….take time to meet with the Lord in His word. With You Version there are so many ways.
    My husband is not a big reader. So he has listened to the whole bible several times by listening to it in his car on the way to work and home.
    Thank you for your story.


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