From Worthless to Worthy

Enjoy another great encouraging word from one of our little Sisters!


By Little Sister Adela

Sometimes, I feel worthless when I hear what someone said behind my back. Sometimes, they even say it to my face! I often let those lies get inside my head. I let them tell me I’m not worth anything, I wasn’t valued, I wasn’t beautiful, I wasn’t a child of God, I wasn’t important, and I wasn’t special.

But you know what? I know what God says about me and it is truer than any person’s opinion!

God says we are His children. That’s so amazing. The perfect creator of the world who created the earth and all of you—he says you are a child of God. If God said it, it’s TRUE! I cannot even fathom how awesome this is. But we need to start believing it and acting like it is true. We can’t allow the enemy to walk all over us and plant lies in our minds. We must stand firm in our faith, and renew our minds with truth every single day. Truth will destroy the lies that the enemy has told us.

I want to encourage you to dig into the Word and pray to our Lord who wants us to talk to you. He wants us to come to Him when we need something—even if we don’t need something, just to talk to. So find out what God really thinks about you. Don’t believe the lies that Satan tells you. Stand firm in your confidence and security in Christ.

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