Pray in faith because Jesus Finished it

Little Sister Kennedi.

Hi! I am 12 years old – almost 13. When I was six, my family and I went on vacation. I hit my chin on a chair—because I can be a klutz when I am acting crazy. The cut was deep, and you could pretty much see the bone, so my parents took me to the hospital.

On the way there, I was praying. I didn’t stop because I knew that God had healed me although I hadn’t yet seen the result. I knew that I was healed, and I believed it.

When we arrived, I saw three different nurses/doctors. One said I would need stitches for sure. The second said I would only need one staple. When the doctor came in to do the work, he examined my chin and asked, “What are you doing here?” The gash had closed up, and there was only a tiny hole in its place. He put a Band-Aid on my chin and sent me home.

I was healed, and I had known I would be from the very beginning. God wants to heal you too because it is who He is. He is Jehovah Rapha (The Lord who heals). I want to challenge you that anytime you are struggling with something, begin praying only after you have thought about how Jesus has already finished it. This will encourage you, bring you hope, and help you pray in faith.

2 thoughts on “Pray in faith because Jesus Finished it

  1. Kathy Patton says:

    I was so happy to read this testimony of faith. God is doing an amazing work in our youth. Earlier today I received a text from one of my daughters saying she past by her child’s room at co-op to see her 16 year old daughter knelt down praying over her substitute teacher that God would calm her nerves. Some people worry about the next generation…I see hope.


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